Il primo percorso post universitario  approvato da VetCEE sarà dedicato alla medicina interna degli animali da compagnia e prenderà inizio a partire da aprile 2022. 

Sul sito di UNISVET tutte le informazioni sul programma, che si svolgerà in inglese, e le modalità per accedere al test di ingresso programmato per il 18 marzo 2022

Unisvet is proud to present the first VETCEE approved programme in companion animal internal medicine in Italy! EQF: Level 7 ECTS: 30

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The aim of this 2-year course is to offer to veterinary practitioners a high level postgraduate program in small animal internal medicine, that could help veterinarians in shaping their knowledge and successfully applying it in practice, in order to provide the best care to their patients.
LEVEL The UNISVET 2-year Post Graduate Training Program in Companion Animal Internal Medicine is meant to fill a gap between the graduation and the Colleges specialists level and it is meant to be classified as EQF Level 7 by VetCee (higher than graduation level but lower than European Diplomate Specialist Boards) as from the standards and dossier of competences created by the VetCEE Board.

SCOPE The UNISVET 2-year Post Graduate Training Program in Companion Animal Internal Medicine is intended to equip candidates with the general key skills that are required for an experienced companion animal practitioner who may be in sole charge of delivering high quality first opinion veterinary care. Those skills will include both management of cases within the first opinion practice, and during and after referral where specialists’ input is indicated. Basic anesthesia emergency, imaging, electrophysiology, cytology knowledge will be provided before moving forward to a deeper learning of general diagnostic principles and clinical problem solving skills applied to small animal internal medicine. At the end of the course the candidate should be familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of the most commonly encountered diseases seen in first opinion practice.

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